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17 OCTOBER 2016
All registered members are can sign up for this program

People who wish to make extra money through a reliable affiliate program can consider the aforementioned website. At its core, the SendViper brand has developed email marketing technology that helps businesses of all sizes manage their emails and their databases. With the introduction of their affiliate program they aim to provide opportunities for people to earn commissions by lieu of email marketing services.

Affiliate marketing is an effective means to earn commissions by promoting a particular product or service being offered by another Company/person. Different entities operate in separate ways when it comes to the payout. Whilst some offer commissions whenever there is a sale, there are others who rely on the number of clicks as well. There are many such websites that invite people to their affiliate programs and it is important to identify a reliable source before registering for any of them.

The SendViper website was registered in January 2016 and is a company that was founded by Michael Smith. Apart from their email marketing services, they also offer affiliate programs. The registration is free and anyone can peruse the features of the same. What makes their affiliate program different from the rest is that it is not the normal pyramid scheme. Any partners have who have made the most of their marketing opportunities have the chance to earn whatever another in a similar situation is earning.

The website says, “We have helped many small and medium scaled enterprises in attracting their target audiences and helping them in increasing their ROI. With our functional email subscriber plans and other marketing strategies, we have created a niche for ourselves in the field. Though there have been many unhelpful reviews of our services in various platforms, it is a fact that our clients and marketers are happy with us.”

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About the website

The website claims that they have a 24/7 support system which allows their marketers to get any of their queries answered immediately. Theirs has been described as a comprehensive affiliate marketing hub that has many plans in order to suit the convenience of prospective affiliates. Depending on the number of emails that a person can send in a particular time period, the plan can be chosen.

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