Customers who Buy Ammo Online Offered Unbeatable Deals by LAX Ammunition

18 OCTOBER 2016
LAX Ammunition offers unbeatable deals for customers who buy ammo online. They carry a large variety of calibers and types of ammo, including their own brand of factory new and reloaded rounds.

LAX Ammunition offers ease and convenience for shooters to buy ammo online . They work with big name brands like Winchester, Remington and Federal, selling all of these brands in their online store and brick-and-mortar location. They also sell their own brand of factory new and reloaded ammunition. Their reloads are 100% satisfaction guaranteed by the company and offer a cheap alternative to factory new ammunition that can get expensive during times of scarcity. Their online store offers an alternative, the option to buy ammo online.

The team at LAX Ammunition has dedicated their careers to providing quality products and excellent service to all of their customers. When shooters buy ammo online from LAX, they are guaranteed speedy shipping and convenience. They are able to shop from the comfort of their own homes with the product shipped right to their doorstep. For any questions and concerns, customers have full access to their customer service department with qualified representatives standing by.

LAX Ammunition is the premier ammo-loading center in Southern California, loading over half a million rounds each week. Customers can then buy ammo online from this supply. They carry a variety of options, including 9mm, 10mm 357 MAG, 38 SPCL, 40 S&W, 45 LC and 380 AUTO, just to name a few. They also sell tactical gear and firearms accessories in their online store, in addition to the options they offer to buy ammo online.

About LAX Ammunition

LAX Ammunition is a manufacturer and retailer of ammo. They carry big name brands like Winchester, Remington and Federal, in addition to their own brand of factory new and reloaded ammo. Their reloads offer a cheap way for shooters to practice firing rounds at the shooting range. For more information or to buy ammo online, visit their website: or call 1-855-407-2666. Address: 234 S. Hindry Ave. Inglewood CA 90301.

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