San Francisco Residents Can Obtain Free Home Security Systems Only with the Installation Fee

18 OCTOBER 2016
Summary has tailored an offer to suit San Francisco residents and meet their security needs. has tailored an offer to suit San Francisco residents and meet their security needs. The company guarantees a complete and free Wifi based home security system to customers, upon the payment of a $99 installation fee.

The home security company San Francisco provides homeowners with a complete solution to discourage crime, keep their properties and dear ones safe. The equipment includes a wireless control panel with illuminated display, a keychain control pad, a siren, motion detectors and door contacts. Apart from this, clients may also connect their systems to national monitoring services for 24/7 surveillance.

As one of the most advanced security companies in San Francisco, the distributor sells and installs recent date wireless systems, known for their flawless operation and reliability. Moreover, these can be connected to the city's own emergency services, thus ensuring a quick response in case specialized help is needed. Homeowners may rest assured that the alarm will alert either the firefighters, the police or local medical services, according to the situation.

Home Security Systems San Francisco are made to distinguish between various kinds of emergencies and to detect pet motion through specialized sensors. The function buttons make it easy to arm and disarm the system as required. The registration is free, as it the initial risk assessment. The equipment being provided for free has an estimated cost of $850. Additionally, having the alarm system installed is said to reduce insurance costs with up to 20%.

About the company

CaliforniaHomeSecuritySystems.Com is an authorized dealer of security systems for homes and businesses. The company operates across California and ensures complete services, including installation, activation and registration for each of its sold systems.

To sign up for the current offer, go to or call 877.893.5705 for a free consultation.

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