Get A Personalized Letter From Santa This Christmas With Adopt Elf

18 OCTOBER 2016
Adopt Elf is now accepting new families for adopting Elves and Reindeer. The elf will deliver a personalized letter from Santa to your family. This is the companies fourth year of bringing Christmas cheer to the children.

Broomfield, CO - Established back in the year 2012, Adopt Elf has now opened their Official North Pole Adoption Center for the adoption of thousands of Elves and Reindeers. The Adoption is only $15 and can be done prior to Thanksgiving in order to have an Elf visit your home this Christmas.

The Elves will carry a personalized letter from the Santa in line with the Christmas tradition and let Santa know what the kids are doing great at and what they need to work on prior to Christmas Eve.The Elves or the Reindeer will be delivered in a personalized package with Adoption Papers, Magical Name, Snow and a Santa Seal.

The head elf from Adopt Elf was quoted as saying, “We deliver a personalized letter from Santa, which will include your loved one’s name, age, hometown, three friends, what they are doing great at and what they need to work on before Christmas to stay on the "Nice List”. This experience is going to leave kids absolutely thrilled! Once the kids register their Elf on our North Pole Adoption Center at and leave their email, Santa will reply.”

The “Kids Craft” section on their website also offers some fun and innovative ideas like Reindeer candy bar covers, snowmen with Glove Hats, Melted Snowmen Cookies, Reindeer Donuts, Cookies for Santa, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Pancakes, Santa Brownies, Festival Reindeer Cookies, and Santa's Red Suit craft.

According to the old folks, Elves are Christmas-y little creatures, who once stood side by side with Norse gods and took the blame for inexplicable illnesses in medieval Europe. But having withstand the test of time, they start acting as Santa's agents to spy on young kids during the Christmas week to ensure good behavior before Christmas. Get yours before it’s too late!

AboutAdopt Elf

Adopt Elf is a family owned Christmas business that focuses ondelivering personalized letters from Santa by his elves.

Contact Person: Santa’s Helper Raina
Contact Number: 970-779-3050