iFastPCB Product Display Now Features Multilayer Rigid Flex PCB along with Other PCBs

19 OCTOBER 2016
iFastPCB, a leading manufacturer and supplier of PCB products, now also has rigid flex PCB featured on its product display.

China - iFastPCB, a fast growing PCB manufacturer and exporter that has been in the business of PCB fabrication and manufacturing for many years, now has rigid flex PCB in its product range. The online catalogue of the leading PCB manufacturing company from China now has rigid flex PCB among other different types of PCBs which include single layer to multilayer PCBs. The owners said that the addition of the rigid flex PCB to their product range has increased their market reach and acceptance manifold.

“Investors and stakeholders can simply go through our product range once to know what quality we consistently deliver. Also, we take great delight in announcing that we are now capable of ensuring shortest turnaround on any order. Our express PCB manufacturing, PCB prototyping and fabrication services are also available for rigid flex PCB, the latest inclusion to our product range”, said a very senior executive from iFastPCB.

According to the executive, interested buyers need to fill up an online form to send a query or to place an order. “The form allows prospective buyers to specify the required board length and width, quantity of PCBs needed, thickness, number of layers, minimum trace or space, solder mask color and a few other important details”, said the executive. The online form on display on the trading website of iFastPCB also lets users to choose silkscreen colors, surface finish and finished copper weight.

“Based on the details provided, we can send back detailed breakup of the cost and take it from there. However, customers are expected to upload their PCB files in compatible format only or else the system might not work properly”, added the executive. He said that rigid flex PCB order review process starts right after they receive the duly filled up online forms from their prospective buyers.

“Interested buyers can choose from a wide range of PCBs, including singular layer PCBs to 26-layer PCBs. Visitors to our trading website can now check out the different types of PCBs and can place orders according to their requirements”, he said during a press meet.

About the Company

iFastPCB is a top Chinese PCB manufacturer and exporter of all sorts of PCBs.

To know more, visit http://www.ifastpcb.com/pcb/rigid_flex_pcb.html