Farmers Blend Coffee Company Ties Up With Amazon Exclusives Program In A Groundbreaking Agreement

20 OCTOBER 2016
Popular Vietnamese Coffee company, Farmers Blend Coffee, has now joined the ranks of Amazon Exclusives after entering an agreement earlier this month. The company is currently offering heavily discounted products for bulk purchase by retailers, restaurants or coffee shops through their Amazon Business page.

Farmers Blend Coffee, a well known name among Vietnamese Coffee specialists, has entered an agreement with the Amazon Exclusives Program to distribute their Vietnamese coffee product exclusively through platform. The agreement is said to be a groundbreaking deal for the company due to the increasing demand of Vietnamese Coffee throughout the US. As evident, all the products in the Amazon Exclusives Store are fulfilled by Amazon, which gives more benefit to Prime customers.

The company also has a presence on the Amazon Business page which will allow local Coffee shops across the US as well as independent retailers or Asian grocery stores to purchase "Farmers Blend Coffee" products as a wholesaler. The company is currently offering huge discounts on their products for bulk orders by large volume buyers.

When contacted, the founder of Farmers Blend Coffee, Dietmar Vogelmann, was quoted as saying, “We are thrilled to introduce the exciting Vietnamese Coffee Culture to the world and with Amazon Exclusives we have found a suitable partner in the US which gains us the loyalty and trust of our consumers. We want to offer coffee lovers around the world a chance to taste the uniqueness of Vietnamese Coffee Beans and our commitment to quality.” He further added, "Vietnamese Coffee is much like wine, a ceremony for all senses"

Many major food inspection agencies have applauded their high quality coffee processing methods and the low acidity in their product, which is beneficial for coffee connoisseurs with chronic heartburn and acid reflux. Their product is prepared from the best fresh coffee beans from local farmers in the highlands of Vietnam and the final product is packaged beautifully. The company is said to be fully equipped to meet even the stricter delivery requirements.

As a certified company, Farmers Blend Coffee legally trades & exports the highest quality of coffee beans available in Vietnam and also offers a chance to raise the living standard of minorities in Vietnam through fair trading. The company’s goal is to increase the visibility and reputation of Vietnamese Coffee.

“We see it as our duty to support and develop the country we live in. Sustainability and honesty throughout our complete supply chain is the key for our success and the most important part of Farmers Blend Coffee”, Mr, Vogelmann says.

Farmers Blend Coffee is currently Amazon's most reviewed Vietnamese coffee brand. The company is offering a range of products including Premium Whole Bean Coffee, a Vietnamese Coffee Gift Set during Christmas Time and the essential brewing equipment need to recreate the traditional Vietnamese experience.

About Farmers Blend Coffee

Farmers Blend Coffee is a 100% natural product without added flavors and other chemicals. The company’s goal is to become a pioneer in Vietnamese Coffee specialties and being recognized around the world for their smooth flavors.

Contact Person: Dietmar Vogelmann
Contact Number: +84 (0) 1699778630
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