Development Path of Airwheel E3 smart mini folding electric bike

20 OCTOBER 2016
Airwheel, focusing on self-balancing electric scooter sector, takes up large market share by virtue of cost-effective balancing scooters.

Engaged mainly in low-end urban commuting market in the earlier stage, Airwheel has concentrated its R&D on mid-to high-end balancing scooter segments over the past year to satisfy different demands of scooter consumers. Airwheel smart 2-wheeled electric scooter and skateboards have served over 30 million customers in 168 countries.

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At the Airwheel 2016 summer new product release conference o, E6 and E3 were unveiled. Its CEO described future development direction of the company: being serious with each product, moving forward steadily and jointly promoting virtuous industrial cycle. For its Future planning: being serious with everything. So far, Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooters have been sold in 168 countries, which is always striving to be firmly world-oriented. Airwheel electric scooter will continue to improve product design philosophy and technology and be committed to R&D and manufacture of portable intelligent means of transport.

Attitude on market competition: being consumer-oriented. When it came to attitude on competition in scooter market, its CEO points out that they would be responsible for consumers to be serious with every task and every product. All sectors and markets undergo spiral development. Orderly competition is conducive to industrial development. Airwheel electric walkcar will actively participate in cooperation and competition through friendly negotiation, select brand strategies beneficial to benign industrial development and facilitate growth of scooter sector.

Future market development: believing in prospect and social significance of scooters. Scooters accord with national economic trend due to their eco-friendliness and energy efficiency; besides, an increasing number of governments at different levels have realized significance of green GDP, valued development of green and clean energies and introduced many favorable policies. Its CEO firmly believes that as long as everyone in the industry can be customer-oriented, the scooter sector must have a bright future.
Of course, the main products of Airwheel will not only be limited to the existing business line. In the future, Airwheel will pay more attention to the AI industry and robot deep learning. From the launch of Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet for road safety, we can see it reveal its importance for the first time.

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