The washing methods for the COSPLAY consumes in wool fabric

19 NOVEMBER 2013
Profession COSPLAY consume store:

China - Most of COSPLAYERS should have fully knowledge about that the wool fabric should be commonly used fabric for COSPLAY costumes. The washing for the wool fabric costumes should be very complicated process. Most of COSPLAYERS could not have full understanding about this area¡¯s knowledge. Today, the professional COSPLAY costumes online store which website is would teach the attentively points about the washing for wool fabric COSPLAY costumes.

When people are washing the wool fabric COSPLAY consumes, people should commonly use neutral detergent or neutral detergent to wash. If people use alkaline detergent for daily laundry, it would be easy to damage the hair fibers of the wool fabric consumes. On the other hand, the washing water temperature should reach to 30 degrees. The high water temperature would easy to damage the wool fabric consumes. If the water temperature is too low, it will reduce the washing effect. Most of clients of the COSPLAY costumes online store have ignored this point.

In the wash process, unless the wool fabric which had been marked with the Superwash or machine washable, the general wool fabric consumes for COSPLAY should be careful washed by hand. The washing equipment such as washboard should be avoided and the washing with the washing machine should be also not suitable for the wool material consumes. Otherwise, the unsuitable washing method will greatly reduce the size of wool fabric consumes.

The COSPLAY costumes online store also said that COSPLAY consumes with different colors should buying wedding dress online not be washed together. After washing for the wool fabric, people should totally clean COSPLAY consumes with water to the standard of no foam. After rinsing, wool fabric should be removed water with the light pressure and then use the net bag to dry it.

In the drying process, the wool fabric consumes should normally be dried low light or a cool ventilated place. The drying for the wool fabric consumes should be not under the sun exposure so as not to damage the wool fabric. The dry cleaning is also good choice for COSPLAYER who wants to wash their wool fabric COSPLAY consumes.

On the other hand, the preservation for the COSPLAY consumes is also crucial part which people should pay more attention. The wool fabric consumes which in the wool fabric should be kept in the environment which is dry and cool. This is necessary.

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